Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving Thankful

It's been a long time since I've submitted a blog post here! As often happens during the holiday season, I'm revisiting loose ends of my life and trying to catch up on activities I've allowed to languish.

This season, I'm particularly thankful that my breathing has improved with new medication, and I'm now able to travel and visit friends and family with much less fear of becoming sick, as has happened in the past few years.

Freshman class roommate, Sue Wixom (Nielson Coates) on right;
Ruth Sollitt Williamson, good friend and K-Gals organizer!
In October, I drove by car from Charleston, SC, to Kalamazoo, MI, for the 60th class reunion for students who started as freshmen at Kalamazoo College in 1954! It was a great get-together; about 40 of a graduating class of perhaps 120 were there, and we all had a wonderful time! In the motel, I even roomed with my freshman class roommate!

The campus had changed since we were there, with some buildings torn down and others added or remodeled. Still, it had the feel of the lovely quadrangle I remembered. And the "women's dorm" looked the same - on the outside, at least.

The old Mary Trowbridge Hall, where most women lived 
if they weren't married or townies. Now it's mixed, I think.

We spent the day on Saturday with friends: eating, chatting, exploring the campus. There were several activities arranged, but we spent a lot of time together just reminiscing.

At noon, we had a lovely lunch downstairs in the Hicks-Wells complex. We overflowed the table assigned to our class and populated several seats in other tables as well.

With Elizabeth Lindau, a K-College grad, who works in the 
alumni office. We had lunch once when she visited Charleston.

Afterwards, several of us browsed the college bookstore and then got together in the lobby for an informal memory fest.

Dinner at The Park Club. Sally Hunter, Gail Mullen

In the evening, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Park Club in downtown Kalamazoo. Ours was the largest 60th reunion group the college had ever had. At dinner, Jorge Gonzales spoke with us about his pathway to the presidency of Kalamazoo College. The following morning, we were all a bit sad to leave and go our separate ways, but glad to have been together, however briefly. It was a wonderful reunion and brought back memories of a wonderful few years in our lives!

Sunday morning, many of us gathered in the breakfast room at the motel, where we continued to share memories and info and promises to keep in touch. I passed out copies of some of the books I have written since retirement. The latest is The Bewildered Patient's Whole-Body Health Guide. It will be available to purchase on Amazon on December 10. The link is below:

The Bewildered Patient's Whole-Body Health Guide.